Exclusive Services


Supporting sales by offering different business models to increase market share and better access for our customers. We have executed customized product promotions to target different sectors of our target market. Our specialized sales organization focused on performing sales by educating and providing solutions to healthcare professionals, patients and our customers in addition to direct product sales in face-to-face and phone-based mechanisms.


Construction of temperature and humidity-controlled warehouses That are Equipped with fire safety and pest control systems, as well as 24-hour security surveillance comply with good storage practices (GSP) and good distribution practices (GDP) established by the World Health Organization across different regions of countries to provide secure and reliable supply of healthcare products for fast delivery services. By our trained and experienced human resource for product quality and maximum customer satisfaction, through supply chain management.


Regards to number of warehouses and vehicles across different countries in MENA, we have serious collabora- tions with other healthcare distributors to fully cover our target market. Our infrastructure makes this possible to work with shorter order turnaround times to meet all of your priorities in product delivery. Our distribution system could provide a full range of distribution services and healthcare product categories meaning our solutions are always aligned to your specific needs.


Right investment to cover secure supply budget, gathering well trained and valuable human resources and providing adequate infrastructure. Investment for extra capacity and modifications in HR that may be proposed by our partners could be covered. We have invested and providing infrastructure in the markets that they were not easily accessible for our partners. The development of our commercial and logistic work was accompanied with the existence of developed bank relationwith the most important local, regional and international banks.


Our experience in SABBA in registration of new molecules in the National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) in the MENA countries could lead to shorter registration time. By negotiations with stakeholders and our strict follow-up, Our application is filed with the competent drug regulatory authority in the concerned country, which can be a specialized department in the ministry of health


By using well-trained, experienced and regional human resource, we provide a well-organized structure to support marketing activities in different MENA countries. We concentrate our resources and team to expand our market share in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, hygienic and medical equipment area. We have aligned our marketing activities according to different cultures and attitudes in countries. We understand and fully respect government health policies and guidelines might impact marketing efforts. We strictly adhere to privacy laws and how we can and cannot use patient health information to market goods and services.