Saba Holding Steel Factory is now under construction in (Nineveh) Governorate, Mosul city in Iraq. It’s been built over a net area of (100 Acres, we are hoping to have an annual production capacity of (350.000) tones and to be the very first local company in Iraq to export high quality steel to outside of Iraq. We at Saba Holding Steel Factory will be committed to manufacture and supply reinforced steel products that fully meets customer's specific requirements, and deliver these products on time. It’s our policy to establish good relationship with our customers to provide goods and services which will offer value for many, to continually review and improve company quality systems and thus achieve a reputation for excellence in the marketplace. We ensure our suppliers provide high quality steel products and materials that conform with national and international standards. As Saba Holding we are committed to high levels of product quality. The available steel grades will be ASTM-G60 and BS-4449 with diameters of (8,10,12,14,16,20,25,32,40) with length between (3-12 m) long. The factory will also manufacture other various steel products like steel sheet roll, BRC and steel for warehouse fabrication.