About Us

Saba Holding Group of Companies are the leading companies in the field of Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Hygienic and Medical Equipment in MENA Countries. Our head offices are located in Erbil & Baghdad, Iraq.


With more than 15 years of business experience in Iraq & MENA Countries, with more than 500 employees, Saba Holding is among top distributors in the region.

Our Speciality

We have an eminent name in pharmaceuticals, medical and healthcare products company due to our ultimate services supplying hospitals, health systems, governmental offices, pharmacies, and physician offices across the MENA.

Company Organizational Structure


With more than 500 employees, Saba Holding is among top distributors in the region.

The Business Module

Supply, Sales and Distribution

This model constitutes the main approach of the SABBA and it starts with registration, importation, getting orders from healthcare players and distribute products to target population


By providing telemarketing services for healthcare products, we can help to increase the overall sales revenue of companies by providing services that help make your company known.


Strengthten the Sales

In addition to supply and distribution of Pharmaceutial products, we provide approaches for reimbursement. in the case of healthcare products cosmetics, hygienic and medical equipment

Direct sales and Representative

Our direct sales representatives and sales opportunities to represent some of the best medical products on the market by refering to health care professionals and target populations to demonstration and making orders.